Rodent Remediation and Exclusion

Don't Let Your Home or Business Turn Into a Zoo

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Most rodents seek warm, safe places to nest. It's no surprise that your cozy property might become a target. If you think you're dealing with an animal infestation, a heroic removal attempt on your own could be dangerous. Contact Cimex Solutions to schedule professional rodent remediation in Daytona Beach & Port Orange, FL and the surrounding Central Florida areas.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can count on us to remove mice, rats, bats and birds with ease. Call 386-214-4586 today to schedule rodent remediation for your home or business.

Keep rodents away for good

Keep rodents away for good

At Cimex Solutions, we don't simply remove rodents and call it a day. Rodent exclusion is extremely important to ensure they won't return. Hire us to:

  • Eliminate food and water sources
  • Seal any entry points
  • Remove places for shelter

Rodent exclusion is the best possible solution for both you and your pests. Keep them outside where they belong. Speak with a local professional today to get started on your rodent remediation and exclusion services.